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Organisational Skills Profile

Your Organisational Skills Profile will give you an overview of the skills and knowledge you currently have within your business or department.

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What is the Organisational Skills Profile?

Organisational Skills Profile is our online tool for identifying the skills and knowledge your business already has.

When you know where your focus is, you can assess your current and future priorities for upskilling and developing your team.

How it works

To get your free report, you’ll need to input a minimum of 2 roles within your department or business – you can include up to 35. Start typing your role and select it from the drop-down menu.

Your report will show you the most important knowledge and skills within each role you submit, as well as the different expertise needed to excel in each.

The Organisational Skills Profile is a quick way to get a detailed overview of the skills and knowledge being used within your business. And, therefore, it’s a great tool for planning where to focus your employees’ development.

Try the Organisational Skills Profile

What are the benefits?

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It's free

You’ll get a comprehensive overview of the skills your business needs.

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Full transparency

Skills gaps or development opportunities will be easier to identify.

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Unlimited uses

You can try this free tool as many times as you like to tailor your report to a team or whole organisation.

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Open up conversations

Your report is a great starting point for discussions with employees about their progression and development.

Ready to create your Organisational Skills Profile?

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Try the Organisational Skills Profile
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