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Role Comparison

Have you got skills gaps in your business? Our Role Comparison will help you fill them.

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What’s Role Comparison?

It’s one of our handy online tools. And you can use it for free with an Employer Hub account.

The tool will give you an overview of skills gaps within your business. Then, it’ll help you put in place a plan to retrain staff to fill them.

How does it work?

First, you’ll enter a role you currently have within your organisation. You’ll then compare it with a position that you’d like to introduce into the business.

Within seconds, you’ll see a detailed role comparison report. The report will tell you how well-aligned the roles are. You’ll get detailed info about the core parts of each job, knowledge crossover and the specialist skills needed to do them.

The report will show you how to help an existing employee transition into a roll you’d like to fill. And the best part? We’ll help you find free courses to move the employees you have into the jobs you want them to do.


Try Role Comparison

Why make a Role Comparison?

  • See how well your current roles match up to the skills your business needs.

  • Learn what it takes to upskill or reskill an employee to take on a new position.

  • Use Role Comparison as many times as you like.

  • Work with our team afterwards to get a free skills plan in place.

  • Role Comparison is completely free to use.

Ready to make a Role Comparison?

Sign up for a free Employer Hub account and make as many role comparisons as you want.

Try Role Comparison
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