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Succession planning vs workforce planning

Already have a succession plan? Great! Future proof your business even further by workforce planning.

Are you getting the most out of your succession plan?

Before we chat about workforce planning, use our checklist to see if succession planning is working for you.

  • You've thought about long-term and short-term replacement options for critical organisational roles.

  • You know the skills, capabilities and qualities needed for critical roles.

  • You know how to manage and nurture your talent. This'll make sure potential successors have the relevant skills and qualities.

  • You've identified potential successors from an objective perspective.

  • Planning is not dependent on one person.

  • You regularly reflect on your plans and are open to new ways of nurturing talent.

Need a succession plan refresh?

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) has a succession plan factsheet. It'll help you tweak your plan.

Check out the factsheet

Workforce planning - an introduction

Succession planning focuses on developing talent as future leaders. This prepares people take on leadership roles in your business.

It’s different from workforce planning which looks at the general skill needs of your business. Then it assesses whether you already have employees who fit these needs – or have the potential to develop them. Learn more about the link between them with Four Vision.

What are the benefits? 

Workforce planning can:

  • increase efficiency and employee engagement
  • be used to strengthen your succession plan
  • identify gaps and prepare you for your future
  • increase staff retention

Get started with workforce planning

Use the CIPD workforce planning factsheet to learn why workforce planning is valuable.

Explore the factsheet
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