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Inclusive recruitment

Organisations talk a lot about diversity and inclusion. But what does it mean for your business?

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What's inclusive recruitment?

Inclusive recruitment means employing people from a diverse range of backgrounds.

To do this, your business needs to make sure there are fair and equal opportunities for all candidates during the recruitment process.

Having a more diverse workforce can lead to increased:

  • productivity
  • creativity
  • profitability

Being inclusive also builds your business' reputation, potentially attracting new staff and customers. Diverse organisations can adapt better to changes and are often more innovative.

Remember to reply!

Some people will be applying for their first job, or it may even be their dream role. So, it’s great if you can find time to give feedback to every applicant.

Even a few constructive words can help them smash it next time. Not to mention, it shows your business in a positive light!



Top tips to recruit more effectively and fairly

  • Have you tried advertising in different places? Read our guide on finding and attracting talent to develop a new approach.

  • Review your job advert regularly. This helps make sure it's accurate, engaging and appeals to a wider audience.

  • If you're not doing so already, consider recruiting internally. Promoting from within can boost employee morale and give them something to aim for.

Inclusive recruitment guide

This guide will support you in building a more diverse workforce. You'll find practical and often free or low-cost ideas. Plus, our guide will help you source and keep employees or apprentices you might not have been able to reach before.

And that's not all — we offer tips on how to widen your search for candidates and make your selection process fair. Once your new employee arrives, we can show you how to get the best out of them.

Check out the full guide or just dive straight into the section you want to read about.

View full inclusive recruitment guide
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