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Tech Industry in the Classroom

Take your digital skills into schools and inspire the next generation.

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Cartoon image of four school pupils using laptops while observing a hologram.

What is Tech Industry in the Classroom?

As a tech professional, you can be a key player in supporting our next generation of tech workers. You have unique and real-world experiences of the industry.

We want to encourage young people to follow in your footsteps and build a career in Scotland's tech industry. You can help us do this through a virtual or face-to-face activity.

Tech Industry in the Classroom will see you work with computing science teachers to help bring the industry to life.

And you can do this in a number of ways. You could offer a virtual session with a class, deliver a face-to-face lesson or take on a Foundation Apprentice.

How you can get involved with Tech Industry in the Classroom

Can you give 30 minutes?

You could create a blog or vlog about your career. A school teacher will then show this to pupils as part of a lesson.

Got a spare hour or two?

That's plenty of time for a Meet the Expert session! You can record this or deliver it in person. You could also do a live careers workshop at a school.

Can you give half a day?

With our help, you could deliver one of our tried and tested SDS tech activities. Get in touch with us to set up your session.

Willing to dedicate more than half a day?

You'd be in a perfect position to take on a Foundation Apprentice or offer a work placement.

Six benefits you'll get from Tech Industry in the Classroom

Working with schools is exciting for you and your employees. But it also brings some big benefits for your business.

  • Boost your brand. Give school pupils a good experience and they’ll be sure to talk about it. As a result, their friends and family will think of your business as a generous company which supports young people.
  • First impressions count. School pupils who take part in Tech Industry in the Classroom often decide to build a career in tech. This means they already know about your business when they enter the job market – giving you the pick of young talent.
  • Upskill staff. Offer a young person work experience and develop your staff at the same time. Your employees will build skills in line management, mentoring and coaching.
  • Build relationships. You’ll liaise with schools, education providers and careers advisers along the way. When you next need to recruit, you’ll be well placed to access young talent.
  • Present with confidence. Don’t worry if this is your first time talking to young people. We don’t expect you to be a natural at the front of the class. With our team by your side, you’ll have everything you need to put on an amazing session.
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